emerging (figurative_fire) wrote in coffee_spoons,

welcome to the new world. 2004. hello community this is me.

i am ice. i am solidified thought and memory and ideal and hope. snow flakes of time fall down and melt into my memory. i am solidfied memory floating on liquid time.

the world is fresh and raw. my past has been ripped from me and now i'm okay. the open skin leaves room for warmth.

i am sixteen. but sometimes im an old soul. sometimes im a young soul. i'm just sixteen and really im crazy. but id rather be crazy then boring.

im a brunette but im confused and i write whats in my head. i dont apologize for this. im a contradiction because sometimes i do apologize. i read emerson for fun and i dont feel like my friends like me very much.

id like to think im happy, but sometimes im not sure. when its cold out i feel sad. and its not as simple as that. im happy and sad and maybe a little bipolar. im confused and i dont really know who i am.

i'm five foot five inches. i am deep and im shallow. i try to have depth and not just length. i try to be happy and not just have fun. tonight i worry about sneaking out because my moms friend is sleeping in the basement.

i want to meet a boy and have an adventure. i want to write like charley or holden. i want to have thoughts that change people. i want to be drugs. i want to be orginal and i want to learn everything.

but basically im just a sixteen year old brunette who is 5'5". there might be more than one of me. and tonight im not sure how i feel about that.

im just looking to be loved. i just want to be heard.
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