heidi vanderslice (heidimamee) wrote in coffee_spoons,
heidi vanderslice

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... vaguely discontented
like a nightingale without a song to sing ...

feel like i'm waiting around for something. transitional period i suppose. makes me seem like i don't appreciate the great kids around me. i think they feel it. i wish it didn't have to show. but it's not them. it's the same roads, the same stores, the same stupid stories about parties in the woods, the same old drama, the same vaguely terrible smell in the halls, the same complaints, the same politics ... yesterday i couldn't stop bitching about things. it's like it wasn't even me. becky pointed it out and it jolted me back to reality, somewhat.

jackie was so upset yesterday. part of what she needs is what i need also. a change of scene.
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