sets the darkness echoing (ziarre) wrote in coffee_spoons,
sets the darkness echoing

Tonight is Charlie's grad dance. Tonight I'm going to put on my splendiferous turquoise sparkly prom dress and the sky-high heels that a drag queen threatened to steal from me (except that his feet were too big), and boogie my butt off!!! Let me just rhapsodize about my dress here - all my friends bought these elegant, austere creations that will no doubt look good at somebody's wedding in a few years, but me...I bought the rock'n roll fairy princess dress that's covered in sequins and layers and layers of tulle, oh my! It's this fabulous bright-bright blue with a skirt the size of Spain and a plunging back. Tonight I'm going to put flowers in my hair and glitter on my eyelids. Tonight, I'm going to be something at once earthly and ephemeral...all the beautiful things I missed being shy and hiding during my early high school years. If I could have known that this is where I'd end up, I would have been loud and love-declaring, dancing, wearing my hippie clothes all through. Ah, well. Past is past is past.
"She remembered how she had slept before---a caterpillar in a cocoon, muffled and peaceful. Now she woke up fragile and shaky like some new butterfly whose wings are still translucent green, easy to tear and awaiting their colour."
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